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What You Learn

Eating Breakfast


How to Eat

The most important information in my program: Learn why roughly 95% of people fail long-term on traditional diets and what you can do to avoid the same fate, learn how to listen to and honor your body's signals, learn how to work with your physiology for success, and learn what to do if you know you're not hungry but want to eat anyway. This isn't basic nutrition information. 



Most people don't succeed with meaningful, long-lasting change in large part because of their mindset. Learn what the science of behavior change says about how you should be approaching the change process for maximum success. 



Meal Planning

Meal-planning can be burdensome, but it is a necessary habit to master for health. I teach meal planning for real people, incorporating all of the tips and tricks I've learned over the years to make meal planning feel supportive and sustainable.



You can make progress ten times faster with my help than on your own because I help guide you through the difficult situations where most people get stuck, react inappropriately, and then flounder or give up. Not only do I help you identify and problem-solve your barriers, but I am there to encourage you, see the best in you, keep you feeling good about yourself, and keep you motivated. 

Concrete Barriers
Healthy food


What Is Healthy Eating?

I cut through the massive amount of nutrition misinformation out there and give you the evidence-based answers once and for all, simplified and in an easy to understand, ready-to-apply-right-now kind of way. 


How to Naturally Enjoy Healthy Eating

Evidence-based techniques for learning to genuinely want to eat and enjoy nutrient-dense foods.

Eating Watermelon


Fun Food: Fuel Food Ratio

Learn a technique that allows you to be surrounded by any food or be in any situation and naturally and easily make choices you feel good about.


Body Respect

Learn to feel better in your body and why weight does not equal health. Your body shame isn't doing you any favors. You will discover your best health through self-love, not self-hate.

Jogging Partners


Optimizing Performance and Fueling for Joyful Movement

Learn how to eat in a way that makes you more likely to stick to your movement goals, how to optimize your performance with nutrition, and evidence-based + personal recommendations for movement. 


Nutrition for Good Sleep

Getting good sleep is fundamental to achieving health goals, and many people unknowingly sabotage their sleep with their eating habits. You will learn how to get good sleep and how to support good sleep with nutrition.

Sleeping with Eye Mask
Writing with Pen


The Habit Scorecard

Learn a technique for consistently taking action on behaviors that are important to you, but are not urgent (and for that reason, never seem to get done!). 

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